My Tweedle Boys by Maddison Cole (ePUB)

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My Tweedle Boys by Maddison Cole (ePUB)

We all know of the fairy-tale,
We thought we knew the end,
But 20 years have come to pass
And Malice’s gone around the bend.

Safe inside her padded cell,
Her arms strapped up real tight,
Only the spiders come to call
And ask if she’s alright.

Yet through her haze of anti-psychotics
And trauma-induced cackle,
A pair of boys she’d never forgotten
Return to break her shackles.

So if you really want to know the end
Then you’d better come inside,
To learn what happened to the delusional girl
Who wish she could have died.

Trigger Warning: Unlike the original, all characters in this spin-off retelling are very much adult. Expect steamy scenes, exaggerated episodes, ridiculous rhymes and apparently, alluring alliteration throughout.

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