New Reign by Erin Osborne (epub)

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New Reign by Erin Osborne (epub)

Secrets have come to light. Things that will change our lives forever. With the new information we’ve learned, decisions need to be made. Tough decisions. These aren’t the only secrets we uncover.

Adjustments are made by all as our lives change. With a new member of the family, our schedules change and even more decisions need to be made. Especially when it comes to our future and how I move forward.

Zander, Hendrix, and Kendrik are busier than ever. Ceremonies, meetings, new business ventures, and determining the fate of current business ventures take up their time. However their priorities have shifted and changed.

Not everything remains good. We’re learning people we’re supposed to trust are full of betrayal. One remaining threat also needs to be dealt with. I’m not sure we’ll come out of this chapter of our lives unscathed.

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