Nine Days ePUB by Joelina Falk


Nine Days ePUB by Joelina Falk
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Joelina Falk
December 4, 2022
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Nine Days ePUB by Joelina Falk

Lily Reyes is trying to win the fight against Depression. Well, more or less trying as childhood trauma lets her believe that the world is too cruel to be living in.
In Lily’s world, everything makes as much sense as breathing underwater. Yet, as she is preparing her goodbyes, Lily makes one little mistake.
She accidentally leaves her notebook for him to find.

Colin Carter is the captain of St. Trewery’s hockey team. A man that offers more than just good looks. He’s facing struggles of his own, ones he feels too guilty to talk about.
And yet…

Lily’s life now lies in his hands.

And in only nine days he sure does flip her whole world upside down. Feelings get involved, hearts a being broken, mistakes are getting fixed and old passions are being found back to.

But will that be enough?

Will nine days change everything? Will nine fun days convince Lily that there is more to life than pain and sorrow?

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