No One Has To Know ePUB by Carin Hart


No One Has To Know ePUB by Carin Hart
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Carin Hart
December 26, 2022
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No One Has To Know ePUB by Carin Hart

He loves me, he loves me not…

I love flowers. Being a botanist has always been my dream, but life got in the way—and, nowadays, I have a job at the flower shop near my crummy apartment. So that’s something, right? Maybe it’s not in the best neighborhood, but it’s a bright spot in a dirty city, and at least there are usually cops around.

I’ve noticed one in particular lately, keeping an eye on the shop. Officer Mason Burns. I’m friendly enough—though I can’t bring myself to trust anyone in a uniform after what happened to me a couple of years ago—and that ends up working in my favor when I’m attacked for the shop’s deposit one night.

Burns comes to my rescue, arresting the would-be robber with the knife, and I’m super grateful for his help.

I’m a lot less grateful when I end up in handcuffs the next time we meet… or when he brings me home with him to be his prisoner.

On the surface, I’m a hero—but that’s the surface. The truth is that I’m a bad man. A possessive man with my own sense of right and wrong, and of justice. I’ve never pretended to be anything else, either. I do what I want… take what I want… and they let me because I have a badge.

I also have handcuffs and a gun, but they’re not my only weapons. When it comes to Angela Havers, my best one is a deceptively charming smile.

She thought I was going to save her. That’s where she was wrong. My obsession with the sweet little florist might have saved me—but it will be her undoing.

Unless she gives in to me, body and soul. Because my angel is mine…

…and no one has to know.

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