No Way Yes Love by Liza Miller (ePUB)


No Way Yes Love by Liza Miller (ePUB)
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No Way Yes Love by Liza Miller
November 8, 2022
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No Way Yes Love by Liza Miller (ePUB)

Nicole Lauder is a powerful, tough, hardworking, and beautiful woman who does not believe in boring relationships and only believes in work and in taking on the role of president of the largest conglomerate of firms of all time. But, despite being more than half a life among the big fish of the world, she managed to have a partner. Or that’s what she thinks. A story that begins with an unfaithful boyfriend and a woman determined to catch her boyfriend in the middle of a job to make sure that everything they’ve cited about love is true. Like any woman with a minimum of self-love, she is carried away by panic and stands with all her pride in Madrid to catch the fashion critic, called Michael, with that woman who says he usually accompanies him.

What he does not expect is for that man, who she pigeonholes among the people she does not want to see in her life again, to come back to her a few days later. And this time, he wants to come back to govern a little and take her to the abyss of everyday love. A story of love and hatred, of power and glamor. Of sex, a lot of sex, and of a woman who does not believe in love but wants to give us the reason to all those who believe in that feeling.

Isn’t it better to take refuge in work, keep your distance, and convince yourself that the only romantic stories that end well are for people who have free time to dedicate to their partner?

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