Not So Much Appreciated by Clio Evans (ePUB)


Not So Much Appreciated by Clio Evans (ePUB)
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Clio Evans
January 22, 2023
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It’s just another Monster Monday…

Alex expected many things to happen— but going into heat during a new hire interview with his secretary present was not one of them.
Anne is a bright and sassy gorgon that has kept the Warts & Claws office from crumbling. Sylvia is a sweet arachnid creature new to the office and finding her place in the world.
After months of chaos and destruction, these three are hoping for simple lives. But, when passions ignite and enemies return— they find themselves working to make it to the weekend one last time.
The end of Warts & Claws is here…

This story contains the following:

Monster Office Romance
Fated Mates
Dirty Talk via the company phone
Omega heats
‘Good girl’
and more.
The Warts & Claws Inc series is a spicy monster romance series following an evil HR department vs. the office. Each book will have a different relationship dynamic, inappropriate use of office supplies, creatures finding love, and more.

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