Not Your Pucking Girl by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)


Not Your Pucking Girl by Sheridan Anne (ePUB)
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Sheridan Anne
January 23, 2023
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What’s that saying? When life hands you lemons . . .
What if I don’t want to make lemonade? What if I want to pummel them into non-existence? Anything is better than admitting how desperately I want a taste of that sweet lemonade.
That’s exactly how I felt when my college assignment threw me in the direction of Miller Cain.
My body screams for him while my brain warns me to run for the hills.
He’s the captain of the ice hockey team with a cocky reputation. He’s a sweet talker and the bad boy promising me the ride of my life.
Miller Cain is bad for my health.
I just need to last one year without falling into his bed.
Should be easy, right?

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