O Come All Ye Wraithful ePUB by Latrexa Nova


O Come All Ye Wraithful ePUB by Latrexa Nova
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Latrexa Nova
December 18, 2022
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O Come All Ye Wraithful ePUB by Latrexa Nova

I did not sign up for this writer’s retreat to be snowed in with my ex and my ghost-possessed boyfriend.

Sometimes you just need to get away to a cabin in the woods in the dead of winter with a bunch of other writers to actually get any work done. Especially when you’re addicted to your boyfriend’s talented hands and haven’t published in way too long.

And maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to wearing the custom toy that buzzes to life anytime Karl sends the signal. Especially since my asshat ex shows up, and keeps mistaking my shivers of pleasure for a rekindled attraction. I also can’t stop trying to get back at Karl for turning me on so much by sexting him the most graphic and lewd messages every time I get internet.

We’re not allowed to have guests, but I need him and he needs me after all the teasing. He shows up as my IT guy for my fake computer issue so we can torment each other in person. But then a snowstorm blocks us in, we discover a dead body, and my ex and Karl get into a pissing match to protect me.

And that’s when the ghosts show up. And possess them both.

Now, I’m running for my life through the woods—and hoping they catch me.

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