On Edge Free ePUB by Brooke Matthews

On Edge Free ePUB by Brooke Matthews
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October 23, 2022
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On Edge Free ePUB by Brooke Matthews

Ready. Set. Run.


For fifteen years, Marley has spent his days plotting, waiting, dreaming. Once, his dreams were filled with limitless color, love, and boyish ambition. Now, they’re stained red. He demands justice for his stolen time behind bars, sentenced for a crime he and his twin didn’t commit. Finally free, he won’t be content until the blood of those who falsely persecuted him soaks his blade.

He’s determined. He’s murderous. He’s ready.


A twin, a convict, a devil… Kit’s all of those things and more. While prison made his twin stronger, it shattered Kit. Caging his free spirit left him damaged beyond repair. He hides behind pretty words and a cocksure attitude, but his truth is inked into his skin. He’s no longer the smiling teen with ever-changing aspirations. Now, he feels an all-consuming rage and a need to release it on those who wronged him. With their plans coming to fruition, he can almost taste retribution.

He’s wicked. He’s hungry. He’s set.


On the outside, it seems like Lennon lives a picturesque life. He has the perfect parents, the dream job, and enough trust fund money to live a life of luxury. In truth, he’s a lonely soul who fills the void with baking decadent sweets and mouth-watering pies. But Lennon’s tired of being controlled, berated, and manipulated, all in the name of perfection. So when his step brothers walk back into his life, they prove to Lennon that he isn’t anyone’s punching bag. They offer him a place to belong, and Lennon doesn’t even bother to resist their dangerous temptation.

He’s eager. He’s scared. But he’s not going to run.

The twin’s plan was simple. They thought they were prepared for anything. But they weren’t prepared for him. Lennon was supposed to be the key to their revenge, but they discover he might just hold the key to their hearts instead.

Before it’s too late, will they recognize Lennon’s not their enemy, or will he become another casualty in their fight for vengeance?

On Edge is an MMM horror retelling of Sweeney Todd, as part of the collaboration Monsters & Mayhem: An MM Horror Collection, adapting some of your favorite classic horror stories with an MM romance twist.

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