One Big Mistake ePUB by J.P. Comeau


One Big Mistake ePUB by J.P. Comeau
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J.P. Comeau
November 30, 2022
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One Big Mistake ePUB by J.P. Comeau

My best friend calls me a reclusive author…
A dreamer.
A slow bloomer.

Her remedy?
I need new friends. I need experience.
But she warned me…

Stay away from my playboy older brother!

I tried not to notice his sexy green eyes…
I tried not to melt at the sound of his voice.
Did I try to resist my instincts, my desire?
I trusted Guy, and I still do.
But the psycho stalking us exploited our vulnerability…
Leaving Guy stunned and feeling guilty,
Trying to protect me and our privacy.
Then he suggested we move in together.
For me that wasn’t an option.
Our relationship was too new.
So, I had no choice but to run a continent away.

I threw myself into finishing my book.
Hoped Christmas shopping would ease the pain.
But I only created chapters that included Guy,
Living out our lives together in the pages of my book.
Then it all ended when I found myself in the hospital…
Enduring a nightmare I didn’t see coming.
When I was told having a baby would be a challenge.
Slowly, I sank into the quicksand of hopelessness.
How could I tell him the truth after I’d lied?
Little did I know there was no need to fret.
Sensing my despair, Guy secretly flew to London.
And reassured me I was safe in his arms!

Turns out, Guy had his way after all.

We’re living our happily ever after, and my best friend has taken the role of auntie to a new level…  

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