One More Song by Annah Conwell (ePUB)


One More Song by Annah Conwell (ePUB)
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Annah Conwell
January 22, 2023
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My best friend’s brother broke my heart five years ago

I thought we were forever, but apparently, we were just for the summer.
Now he’s back for my best friend’s wedding, and we’re being forced to spend time together working on a project for the big day.
Oh, and he’s famous.
So on top of the fact that he’s grown a beard and looks even hotter than he did five years ago, he’s also a wildly successful country music artist.
There’s no way I can let him in again. My mother chased my biological father down for years, and all it lead to was heartbreak. I won’t repeat her mistakes.
But when he starts flirting with me and pursuing me with sweet gestures…it gets harder and harder not to give in.

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