One Night With The Don by Lexi Lovejoy (ePUB)

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One Night With The Don by Lexi Lovejoy (ePUB)

The mafia expected me to murder my best friend’s brother
But our steamy one night stand changed my mind.

Life taught me that I can only depend on myself,
In his arms is the safe place I’ve been searching for.

When he pulls me close and my body melds to his,
The only place I want to be is beneath him.

The desire in his eyes is completely intoxicating.
While his hands are fulfilling my secret fantasies.

I know he’s dangerous, but I can’t help falling for him.
Failing to complete the hit has made me the new target.

Now the one who wants him dead is coming for us both.
And he’s risking it all to protect me and unknowingly the precious cargo I’m carrying.

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