Oops, I Did it Again by JB Trepagnier (ePUB)

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Oops, I Did it Again by JB Trepagnier (ePUB)

I did the whole adulting thing and got a job. Officially hate it.

The only good thing about my awful job is that I met my best friend Jeremy, computer genius extraordinaire. He was super into this story that broke that a hacker named Hex got into something they shouldn’t. They leaked the real names of every secret agent around the globe. Like, agencies more secret than the CIA. People just started disappearing.

But something else popped up. Online ads for correspondence courses to become a spy. And I hate my job enough to take a loan and sign up for one.

I barrel my way through them, but a lot of the stuff they want you to do, like learning how to fight and shoot a gun require money my broke ass just doesn’t have, so I wing it. My downstairs neighbor is now trying to get me evicted and every pigeon in New York is following my every movement, but I’m determined to see this through. I finish the course and apply for a job at one of the companies from the leak.

Apparently, spies do not become spies from a six week online course, learning to shoot with a potato gun on the roof of their apartment, and dance aerobics with punching and kicking is not the same as a blackbelt. But the Boss, who just mysteriously goes by Boss, was watching my interview and thinks I have moxie. So, now I start real spy school and it’s brutal. All the spy names here are color coded. Agent Green is my trainer. He’s this massive beast of a man who could crack my skull with those thighs, but he’s kind of a teddy bear.

There’s only one agent here who wasn’t affected by the leak, so sometimes, I have to go out on easy missions. I may have accidentally barfed on someone, but no one is perfect and I’m still learning. Agent Red is crabby pants about being the only agent left and being stuck with me. .I was just supposed to be his arm candy one night, but an evil hairless cat named Horace managed to win Agent Red to my side and promote me to lead on this case.

I have no idea what I’m doing and I’ve barely started learning, but I may be able to save the world anyway because this botanist really likes my feet.

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