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Open The Gates Free Download Windows PC
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Robin van der Horst
October 22, 2022
Windows 8 or higher
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Open The Gates Free Download Windows PC

The emperor has lost control over his kingdom! Now he has appointed you as the leader of a new conquest. Battle crazy enemy characters in this genre blending indie game. It contains classic castlebuilding and real-time strategy elements but turns them sideways. Open The Gates! is a sidescrolling castlebuilder RTS game where you build a castle and try to defend it against enemy attacks while preparing your own army.

Build A Thriving Castle

Construct houses, inns, jailhouses, hospitals and more to keep your citizens happy.
Build lumber camps, quarries and charcoal makers to supply your kingdom with resources.
Rule and manage your castle. Hire falconers to get rid of rats and place guard posts to catch criminals.

A quaint city in the Yellow Dunes. The falconers are searching for rats using their trusty falcons. If they detect a rat they sweep in and attack, preventing them from spreading disease.

Prepare Defenses and Attack

Construct walls and towers to stall the enemy and prevent them from breaking into your castle.
Fend off massive sieges and upgrade your defenses.
Use siege weapons such as the ladderman, the catapult and the siege tower to besiege enemy castles.

Siegetowers are incredibly powerful. They can transport units onto enemy walls with ease.

Explore Beautiful Worlds

Construct hot air balloons to explore the skies and travel between majestic floating islands.
Build settlements in unique locations. There are green fields, hot deserts, volcanic craters and more to be explored.

Hot air balloons are the way you can transport units between floating islands. They can also be used as flying weapons if you place archers in these balloons.

This game is a casual and linear singleplayer experience. Available are 26 levels across six different worlds allowing for around 8 hours of gameplay in the main campaign. Additionally, there are 12 challenging siege mode levels allowing for more gameplay after finishing the main campaign.