Ortega Mafia: The Consigliere by Stella Andrews (ePUB)

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Ortega Mafia: The Consigliere by Stella Andrews (ePUB)

The devil dances on the sabbath while the innocent rest.

My stepmother and her deranged lover stole our business.
The Ortega Mafia is ours by birth but they have other ideas.

With the help of my two brothers, it’s time to steal it back and I have a secret weapon.

Abigail Kensington.
Billionaire’s daughter and Washington princess.
The perfect woman who is definitely out of my league.
A woman my target is obsessed with. The one woman he never had and settled for my stepmother instead.

I am a master at exploiting weakness and will make the pampered princess an offer she can’t refuse.
I will use her, probably abuse her and ruin her, in my thirst for revenge.
She is a pawn in my wicked game of chess, and I play to win.

I will destroy lives and corrupt souls all in the name of victory, and they won’t know what hit them.

It’s time to gain the upper hand and take charge of our destiny.
The Ortega Mafia is ours, and nobody will ever get in the way of that.

Buckle up for a dark, twisted ride of family secrets, lies, and revenge. Somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, a love story evolves that has a very hard beginning.
Fans of Dark Mafia Romance will love Ortega Mafia.

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