Over the Fence by Holly Whitworth (ePUB)

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Over the Fence by Holly Whitworth (ePUB)

Influencer, Rell Campbell just found out that half of her followers find her dull and uninteresting. So when her new neighbor, Jansen Davis- someone who left his old life to start a new one- asks her to be his fake fiance for a company dinner- she accepts, not quite sure what she’s gotten herself into. The only condition for Rell is that he has to agree to show face on her social media, giving her followers exactly what they want, but when the first date is a complete disaster- Rell quickly changes her mind, but Jansen can’t seem to get his mind off of Rell. Jansen came to town looking for no distractions- but that doesn’t stop him from looking for a reason to jump over the fence and into Rell’s life.

Rell and Jansen weave through situations that bring them closer together- and apart- will that fence stay in their way, or will those wooden pieces get knocked down?

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