Oxford Star by Laura Bradbury (ePUB)

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Oxford Star by Laura Bradbury (ePUB)

A Harry-Styles-famous rock star takes refuge from crippling panic attacks at Oxford University, only to find himself face to face with the crush whose life he ruined.

Rock stars shouldn’t suffer from debilitating panic attacks, but I’m barely hanging on by my famous fingernails. That’s why I leverage the name I despise to study my childhood love of astronomy. Just one term at Oxford? Problem solved.

Too bad my pre-stardom life reappears to haunt me in the form of Lucy Snow, the sharp-tongued, opulent-bodied woman I can’t seem to forget. This would be the perfect opportunity to make amends for stealing her fantasy four years ago, except Lucy’s love for me has turned to loathing.

When she refuses my financial help, I have a wonderful, dangerous idea…

Jack Seary stole my dream of a singing career and made it his reality. When he trampled my heart, he also taught me a lesson: being selfless and hardworking makes me Cinderella without the goddamn glass slipper.

Now this infuriating thief of a man thinks I’ll pretend to be his girlfriend to dispel tabloid rumors? Ha!

Oxford Star is an enemies-to-lovers, fake dating, second chance, celebrity / rock star romance with a plus sized heroine and panic / anxiety rep. Brace yourself for a SLOW-BURN (but steamy!) romance that explores the complexity of love, dreams, and redemption under the dreaming spires of Oxford University.

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