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Pharaoh by K.C. Mills (ePUB)

Pharaoh Vaughan was the type of man that you don’t want to cross. As Wolf Warriors MC’s, enforcer, if you were on his radar, you had better be prepared to dance with the devil.

When it came to women, there was only ever one he considered giving his heart to, but the debt he felt he owed the only family that ever showed up for him forced Pharaoh to choose loyalty over love.

Yahri Hall decided at a very young age that her heart belonged to one man and one man only. Pharaoh Vaughan was forbidden fruit and what made matters worse, he’d crushed her teenaged heart.

Ten years later, Yahri landed herself right in the middle of a complicated situation. There was only one place she could go to feel safe and protected. That safe space just happened to be the home her father forced her to leave in order to keep her disconnected from his very dangerous life. All things came full circle when the love that was forbidden years ago became the only person who is man enough to keep her out of danger.

Pharaoh and Yahri have the potential for a second chance at love, but the price may be higher than either of them is willing to pay.

Pharaoh and Yahri

“If you’re going to give your heart to someone, make sure they’re a rider.”
-Wolf Warriors MC

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