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Pinky Promise by Rebecca Rennick (ePUB)

Henry Bardot is a real estate mogul with a very healthy bank account, and a perfectly ordered life. He’s not interested in relationships. In his mind, they’re a waste of time and energy. As is anything fun. He simply doesn’t have time for such unnecessary things like smiling or laughing. He has work to do. Then she literally crashes into him, kissing him without even a “How do you do?” disrupting his precisely scheduled life. Lala, the pink bulldozer.
Micaela “Lala” Hart is a free spirit with a struggling business and a great love for the color pink. Pink hair, pink clothes, pink Skoolie. It’s a cheerful color that makes her happy. That’s what her life is about. Happiness and fun. Leaving behind the judgmental stares of her small Kentuky hometown, Lala is determined to find her place in the world and have fun while she’s at it. Then she meets Henry Bardot, the anti-pink grumpapotamous. He may very well be the key to expanding her little Boba business into something more.

But can she stop herself from falling for his grumpy charm and mind-blowing… conversational skills?

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