Pretty Madness ePUB by C.R. Jane


Pretty Madness ePUB by C.R. Jane
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C.R. Jane
November 6, 2022
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Pretty Madness ePUB by C.R. Jane

She’s such a pretty omega, too bad she’s f*ed in the head…

That’s what they whisper behind my back every day.

But maybe they would be that way too, if they’d been taken on the way to school.

I might have eventually gotten away…but I never got all my pieces back.

I’m an omega, so I should have the perfect, fairytale laid out in front of me.

But no one wants the crazy girl.

Until them.

They’re ruthless. They rule this city.

The Mafia Alph*s who own the night.

And something in me wants them to own me too.

I should be terrified. I should run for my life.

But when they look at me like they do…I don’t feel quite so broken.

They tell me my madness is beautiful.

I’m just waiting for them to see the truth.

That madness is never pretty… 

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