Pride, Pancakes, & Paris by Emmie J. Holland (epub)

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Pride, Pancakes, & Paris by Emmie J. Holland (epub)

While finishing up her last year of college, Georgia Clark is busy spending her time with sixteen-year-old environmental science students. But when Sawyer Owens shows up with a free ticket to Paris, France, Georgia is forced to consider taking an actual break. While her best friend’s brother is inviting her to attend a fully funded destination wedding, there is one little catch. Georgia is going to have to pretend to be Sawyer’s girlfriend. None of that would be a big deal if it weren’t for one unfortunate piece of information: Sawyer and Georgia hate each other.

A witty, fast-paced, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring forced proximity, best friend’s brother, loads of banter, and lots of sarcasm.

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