Prince of Tides ePUB by Riley Storm


Prince of Tides ePUB by Riley Storm
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Riley Storm
December 12, 2022
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Prince of Tides ePUB by Riley Storm

I am the sea. None know the torment and darkness that hide in my depths.

I thought I had life figured out. Perfect fiancé with an upcoming wedding and plans to start a family? Check. But it was all a lie, as one overheard phone call reveals. Weakened by his betrayal, I end up in the arms of someone else, seeking comfort. Instead, I find out I’m with child. The father acts like the perfect man, but that’s just it. Rip isn’t a man at all, but something straight from myth. And so are his demons.

When Laurie tells me that she’s carrying my child, I see light for the first time in what feels like forever. Hope is a powerful emotion, and she has kindled it in me like no dragon woman ever could. I’ll give her the world, hers and mine, if she will spend eternity by my side. Her ex isn’t quite so forgiving though, and he’ll resort to anything to get what he wants …

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