Purr for Purchase by V. K. Ludwig (ePUB)

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Purr for Purchase by V. K. Ludwig (ePUB)
Baby books never mentioned knotty cravings.

What to Expect when the Omega is Expecting warned me about a lot of things when it comes to pregnancy without an alpha around. Never did it mention that I would develop romantic feelings for my balled fist. I need a knot. Or a growl. Hell, I’d do with a purr. So I call the omega distress line, shamelessly taking from the alpha operator what I need. There is some panting involved. Maybe a little yelp. Before I know it, the operator is banging on my door for a wellness check. Oops.

As a kinash working the distress line, I purred for many omegas. Never before did I accidentally get one off, only for her to scream and hang up. Concerned, I rush to her den to make sure she’s alright. She’s not. Because she has a dire case of waddling around in compression socks. She wants me to be her surrogate, which offers me half work at full pay. All I have to do is stick around until the youngling comes, and not do anything stupid. Like fall in love with a family.

Purr for Purchase is book three in the Alphas of Nasila series, bringing you a nestful of sweet with all the heat. Each book can be read as a standalone, and features big, scaled aliens with knot-so-human anatomy.

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