Quantum Physics For Beginners Free ePUB by Jörg Weissman


Quantum Physics For Beginners Free ePUB by Jörg Weissman
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Jörg Weissman
October 29, 2022
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Quantum Physics For Beginners Free ePUB by Jörg Weissman

The best and most comprehensive introduction to the subject is provided by award-winning scientist Jörg Weissman. To explain the principles behind most contemporary technical advancements, “Quantum Physics for Beginners” removes the veil of obscurity.

Without getting intimidated by difficult arithmetic, learn the fundamentals of quantum physics in a straightforward manner!

Do you want to be aware of the guiding principles that control your environment?

Have you always been interested in the wonders of quantum physics but are unsure where to start?

Your quest to learn about quantum physics has led you here, and it begins right now!

In this book, you’ll discover:

What quantum physics is, the history, and the concept of quantum mechanics.
The distinction between quantum physics and quantum mechanics
Wave-particle duality dilemma.
Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
Schrodinger’s equation.
De Broglie’s wavelength theory
Theory of Special Relativity
Quantum entanglement
Introduction to the theory of light
How the speed of light was discovered
light-year, light-speed limit
Photo electricity and photoelectric emission
and much more…

Do not be deterred by these huge words, even if this is the first time you have heard them. The target audience for this book is those who are just beginning to study this subject.

As you go on a two-century quest to understand the laws that govern the cosmos, Professor Jörg Weissman will hold your hand.

Everybody can find quantum physics to be simple, approachable, and intriguing.

Are you ready? Today, let’s take a close look at quantum physics.