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Emilia Hartley

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I am beyond tired of having gods and demigods messing with my life.


I don’t care if Hel is my great-(who knows how many greats?)-grandmother. That still doesn’t give her the right to yank me around, decide my fate, and try to get me to chain up Maddox and leave him to rot in her underworld.
I guess, after Hel’s experience with Fenrir, she thinks that the only way to deal with a monster lover is to chain them up. And maybe she’s right about Fenrir. That ancient wolf seems intent on devouring this world—and as many more as he can get his hands on.

And he is trying to tempt Maddox to join him.
But what he doesn’t understand—what Hel doesn’t understand—is that Maddox isn’t like Fenrir in any of the ways that matter.

Sure, Maddox is insatiable, but for me—only for me. He truly loves me. He want what’s best for me. And, even apart from that, he’s a good guy who cares more about truth and justice than his own welfare.
Just because Hel’s relationship with the world-eating Fenrir is toxic, doesn’t mean my relationship with my 0wn insatiable wolf is.

But if we don’t deal with Fenrir, we won’t get to explore what’s between us—there will be nothing left to explore.
Fenrir really does need to be locked back up.
And Hel doesn’t have the strength left to do it.

So that leaves me.
And Maddox.

Against the strongest destructive force the world has ever known.
I don’t like our chances of defeating him without sacrificing either one of us.

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