Rebel Boss by Carolyn Delaney (ePUB)


Rebel Boss by Carolyn Delaney (ePUB)
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Carolyn Delaney
January 21, 2023
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I do what I have to in order to provide for my son and me. If being paid to be the arm candy of wealthy men helps keep a roof over our heads, I refuse to feel any sort of way about it.
Roman Silverstone is admittedly one of my favorite clients. His gorgeous smile and sexy beard had me instantly attracted to him, even though we aren’t supposed to do anything physical with the clients. But, he takes me to the most amazing dinners and has even introduced me to his family. I always look forward to our dates when he’s on my schedule.
Except now he wants to see me outside of my job. It’s strictly forbidden, and I have bills to pay. The problem is, my son is becoming attached and I’ve got no one to blame but myself for this predicament I’ve put myself in.

Being one of the CEOs of Colorado’s largest brewing company is hard work, but marketing is my specialty, and I’m killing it. I’m responsible for all new clientele and I love my job, even if my cousins do give me crap for not wanting to wear a tie.
But my job requires me to attend a lot of social events. I don’t have time for romantic entanglements or expectations from women who always seem to want more, so I’ve found it easier just to hire a date for these things.
Kiara is my favorite of all the girls in Bella Manor. She’s breathtakingly beautiful, sexy, well-spoken, and looks great on my arm.
I’ve found myself wanting more from her, and her cute kid is growing on me, but she says she’s risking too much by seeing me outside of work.
Well, she’s going to be quitting that job if I have anything to say about it, because Kiara is mine.

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