Renegade Ravager: Escape by M.E. Thorne (ePUB)

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Renegade Ravager: Escape by M.E. Thorne (ePUB)

Aliens, madmen, or horrors from beyond the stars – nothing will get in the way of my revenge.

My name is James Browning. Not long ago, I was a proud member of the 92nd Legion, the Star Ravagers. We were super-soldiers that defended humanity from aliens, heretics, and otherworldly threats. But a callous betrayal left my legion decimated, erased, and dishonored.

I thought I was doomed to spend the rest of my life on a distant penal colony. But when I suddenly find myself stranded in an alien space station, surrounded by the wrecks of lost spaceships, I know I have a chance at escape. But to do so I’ll need to defy the madness inflicted by the station, defeat hordes of man-eating aliens, and crush a cult of lunatics who worship a horrifying god.

But I’m not alone. I’ll form a crew of beautiful, dangerous women: a brilliant engineer, an ancient, fragmented AI, and a human-alien hybrid. But the danger we face is beyond mortal comprehension, a threat not just to us… but to the entire Milky Way.

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