Ricoche A Weak JK’s Climactic Battle With Orcs Free Download


Ricoche A Weak JK's Climactic Battle With Orcs Free Download Windows PC
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October 6, 2022
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Ricoche A Weak JK’s Climactic Battle With Orcs Free Download Windows PC

Our protagonist is an ordinary schoolgirl named Ricoche.
However, she does have a unique hobby…masturbating all around the school after class is out.
One day, she’s about to be caught orgasming in the men’s washroom when…she is suddenly summoned to the elven kingdom!?

The elves are under attack by the orcs in this world, and she is to be their savior!
However, Ricoche isn’t even good at PE. How is she supposed to help against burly orcs?
As she soon comes to realize, she can defeat the orcs by making them cum.
Yes, her biggest weapon is her hot body!

Can she save the elves from ultimate destruction!?


This is a battlefu#ck RPG where protagonist Ricoche takes down her orcish opponents with seduction and sex!
The gameplay is oriented around fulfilling quests like most RPGs, and uses a symbol encounter system.
There are gathering and crafting elements, as well as a skill tree for powering up Ricoche.

It isn’t a defeat ero RPG. The more you battle, the more lewd CGs and skills you unlock!

There are pleasure gauges for Ricoche’s br#easts, pu#ssy, and as#s.
She might have super orgasms if all 3 are stimulated at once…and surely that would excite her partner as well.

Pu#bic hair / arm#pit hair ON / OFF toggle included!

* Note: Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

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