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Rise by Tiffany Casper (ePUB)

When life knocks you down the very second you take that first breath.
Everything comes at you at a moment’s notice when you’re eight.
How one day, that one very important day makes you realize that nothing you thought was true up until that very moment.
So, you bide your time.
You wait.
You learn what patience is all about.
Well… you try to learn what patience is all about.
But let me tell you, it helps when you don’t see her every single day.
When you don’t see her for years.
Not because of her. Never because of her.
But because you found something that called to your soul.
All before you ever knew she existed.
And then… and then you would give anything to change your mind.

Life in an MC is what dreams are made of.
Being the president’s daughter, well, daddy didn’t raise no fool.
What daddy did do was teach me how to look into someone’s eyes.
To know right from wrong.
To know if you can trust them with every being of you.
And my trust, well, it’s not easily given.
But… on a warm summer day while working on motorcycles, my second love, I found someone to give my trust to.
And to this date, he’s never broken it.
Not freaking once.
Not until he takes one final mission.
And I’m told about said mission on the day I planned to tell him something important.

Mild Sex Scenes. 18 and up. Graphic Violence. Age Gap Romance.
Wrath MC. Starting the 2nd Generation.


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