Road Demons Book 5 Declan ePUB by T. L. Drake


Road Demons Book 5 Declan ePUB by T. L. Drake
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T. L. Drake
December 4, 2022
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Road Demons Book 5 Declan ePUB by T. L. Drake


My whole life I’ve been a victim. Touched, tormented and eventually, taken. Trust isn’t something I give easily. But I trust Mia, and eventually I found my place within her family. When her cousin, Declan gets hurt by the same men who haunt me, I feel it’s my place to help him through the nightmare. After all, he’s the man who saved me. Declan has always respected my boundaries, staying firmly on the other side of the wall I built around me long ago. But the thing about walls? They’re not indestructible.

And Declan’s busting through, one brick at a time.


Beaten, broken and left for dead, my last thought wasn’t about my family or my club. It was about an angel with silver hair. Ember’s voice brought me back, pulling me from the depths of hell, but now my soul is as damaged as hers. She wants to fix me, but she’s a distraction from the revenge my club craves. The revenge I need. I was meant to die that night, but I wasn’t ready. I still had so much to live for, including her. I have to focus on dealing with the threat but once it’s eliminated, I plan to claim her, in every single way.

The problem is, I’m not the only one captivated by Ember.

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