Rocked to Death by Louise Collins (ePUB)

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Rocked to Death by Louise Collins (ePUB)

Stone Briggs.
Ex-con, big brother, and not a fan of baking. Which was strange considering he owned, Stud Muffins, a reputable bakery in a dodgy part of town.

Stone’s goal in life is to be there for his brothers, and if at all possible, keep them out of prison. Which sounds simple, only… Newt just stole something, Mickey wants to take part in illegal fights, and Jude is keeping a secret.

Things are complicated enough for Stone without Robin strolling into his life and falling at his feet. Not his feet exactly. He falls five metres along from where Stone had his bare butt cheeks against the bakery window…

Why bare butt cheeks?

That might have something to do with the dead man he just wiped off the kitchen walls.

Which wasn’t Stone’s fault.

That was down to the assassin, Donnie King, and Yates Matthews, the crazy florist across the street.

Why did Robin fall?

That might have something to do with the bible that hit the back of his head.

Which was partly Stone’s fault.

If Robin—the priest—hadn’t forced him to take the bible, Stone wouldn’t have thrown it at him.

He didn’t mean to knock Robin unconscious and break his nose. He’s not a monster despite what some people might think.

Stone is just a guilt-ridden guy who runs a stupidly named bakery.

And the ear sliding down the wall has nothing to do with him…

*** Rocked to Death is a 72,000 word gay romance featuring a stressed bakery owner and the sweary priest he befriends. It is the first book in a four part series with each book focussing on a different brother. ***

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