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Welcome to Romance Club MOD APK - a collection of romantic stories where you make choices as you play.
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September 21, 2022
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Romance club is a love story interactive game with tons of stories to read, the game offers plenty of stoties in different genres, from adventure, romance to horror and thriller you will find all of them. It is also one of the popular interactive games out there with millions of downloads. You will read storis and take control of them, play as it is your own story and make your own decisions in the game. You will enjoy this unique experience that will give you a pleasure of finding out different endings in each time. Make premium choices as they will lead to a better ending, and they also have better outcomes. The stories are very engaging and deep, the graphics are also great.

Mod Features

Please note: This MOD is not perfect, the premium and normal choices will look the same and when you make a premium choice the text will get encrypted but just for a while, after you continue playing then the text will become normal, premium outfits will work fine so if that is something you don’t want then this MOD is not for you.

MOD Features

1) Free Premium Choices

2) Free Premium Outfits

You must activate all options from MOD MENU if you want to only use for outfits then activate in outfits only

23 comments on "Romance Club MOD APK 1.0.15450 (Free Premium Choices, Outfits)"

  1. babalama says:

    Can you please update the mod to the latest version (TT)

  2. nina22 says:

    My favourite game, thank you!!

    Can you mod similar game – League of dreamers?
    Same as this one, they are similar so should be ok. Thank you so so much!!

  3. Sneha says:
    Update please ๐Ÿ’”
  4. Laina26 says:

    Is there going to be update or do I need to look elsewhere for an updated mod?

  5. peclilly says:

    The Mod is not working, please update. Thank.

  6. peclilly says:

    Please, update to version 1.0.13960. Thank you

  7. Laina26 says:

    Pleeeease update to latest version, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. cloudmilk says:

    Can you please update the mod the the lastest version of the game? (1.0.13900) thank you!

  9. Slizka says:

    This game has an update.

  10. Stone_cold147 says:

    Please update the game …

  11. Ksunya0507 says:

    Update please 1.0.13900

  12. Agate says:

    Can you update to v 1.0.13350? Thank you!

  13. nina4196 says:

    Can you mode games by please

  14. Laina26 says:

    Please update ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. mayyam says:

    IDK if it’s just on my device, but every time I choose premium choices, the text just became numbers and how am I supposed to understand what the heck the characters r saying? any tips?

  16. aerania says:

    Thank youuu

  17. technicallyasweetdreamer says:

    I think every developers have had the chance to realize that the premium choice error is hard to decode, so all is well. I just prefer to be able to deactivate the mod through a menu, like other modded apps in filedb. The no-ad mod’s good for gem farming. I would actually love to spend gems on the app, it’s tedious to go through the gibberish premium choices.

  18. Ksunya0507 says:

    You can please add premium tea choices and diamonds. This mod only works on clothing choices.

  19. jia0201 says:

    Mod pleasee
    Love Fantasy: Romance Chapters
    Unlimited hearts and diamonds if possible
    Thank you so muchh

  20. aaa839 says:

    the game had new updates

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