Ruined Summer by Kitt Lynn (epub)

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Ruined Summer by Kitt Lynn (epub)

Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told?


They call me wild and in need of discipline. My father is desperate to find an alpha willing to take me off his hands. But I have no interest in anyone looking to tame me. I want passionate kisses, wild affairs, and sexy, brooding betas.


Summer is wild, fierce, and independent. And I adore her for it. My only problem is that I’m deeply in love with her, but she can’t see me as anything other than a friend. Unfortunately, it’s just something I have to live with.

But when she goes missing, I become more determined than ever to find my omega and make sure she’s safe. Summer is mine and I will do whatever I have to to keep her safe.

Note: This book contains Heats, Ruts, Forced proximity, Friends to lovers, Jealousy, and some light degradation. This is an OV romance with some shifter elements. HEA.

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