Ruthless Kingpin ePUB by Carina Blake


Ruthless Kingpin ePUB by Carina Blake
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Carina Blake
December 5, 2022
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Ruthless Kingpin ePUB by Carina Blake

Can a cold, dark heart thaw?

She stumbled into my life, quite by accident, witnessing something she shouldn’t have. Normally, that would find her a one-way ticket to meet her maker. But one look into her frightened green eyes and I had a change of heart. I was as cold-hearted as they came and still, there would be no way I’d let her go. She’d have to be useful. If she wanted to live, she could serve a different purpose…
It just so happens; I needed a mistress.

Power comes at a cost and these men have sacrificed their souls. They know violence, death, and how to walk in the gray, but that doesn’t mean they are without weakness. The women they love are their light and they would scorch the Earth to protect them. This December meet the men who rule their empires of crime and the women who stand by them while darkness reigns.

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