Scorched Earth ePUB by DEMRI


Scorched Earth ePUB by DEMRI
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December 30, 2022
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Scorched Earth ePUB by DEMRI

In the beginning, there was an agreement.

Heaven and Hell have a strict treaty: Earth is a no-demon’s, no-angel’s land. Neither side can set foot there, and both sides are strictly forbidden from influencing humanity to choose a side. The penalty for breaking the treaty? Annihilation.

Zephaniel, an angel who once worked closely with mankind, learns that certain demons have been breaking the treaty by establishing an outpost on Earth in the dark, sinful Draco City. He descends to Hell to issue a warning, but Agrat, the alluring succubus he encounters, turns everything he believes on its head, including what he thought he knew about right and wrong.

There’s a conspiracy between the realms, with angels and demons teaming up, and they’re using the humans as pawns. As bait for a great, destructive war that will leave God and Satan dead, the traitors in power, Earth as the new kingdom, and the surviving humans enslaved.

Now, Zeph and Agrat must get to the bottom of the conspiracy and punish the traitors. The first step?

Break the treaty…at the risk of their very existence.

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