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💌Scripts as one of the best interactive story games, contains plenty of stories for you to enjoy! Story themes include romance, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, and much more!

Platform Features
📔Read, interact, and create story all on one platform.
You can read a plethora of stories ranging from sweet romance to intense adventures, and select from a range of choices to decide your episode’s course.
Immerse yourself in the stories on [Scripts] and pick your soulmate.
Create and share your interactive stories. You could be the next star writer!

🎨Exquisite graphics and plenty of themes to immerse you in the unique worlds.

📑Experience the stories, interact with characters via the choices you make. These important choices decide your character’s fate!

🌈Choose your love interest freely in any ethnicity, gender, or orientation and talk about your love with many like-minded friends. Enjoy the game’s unique style and forge your own episode’s course! There are stories from our top authors that you just can’t stop midway!

Choose your own romance! Here are some favorite stories from our readers:
🔥30 Days with A Gangster
🔥Forbidden Love
Chapter introduction: You were caught eavesdropping on a secret meeting between gangs. To save your life, you have to pose as the leader’s girlfriend for one month only. Acting is easy, right?

🔥 The CEO Wants Me
Chapter introduction: Your goal is clear — to work hard, graduate, and become a top journalist. But getting entangled in a juicy love triangle that could change everything was not part of the plan!

🔥 Rebounding with Bad
Episode introduction: You’re the heir to a large estate whose life has been touched by loss after loss. Now, all you want is an uncomplicated escape from reality, a time-filler. But in every girl’s dream there’s a badmash she shouldn’t be with. For you, that’s Noah Harding. But once it’s all over what are you going to choose? Money or a romance as forbidden as inevitable?

🔥The Love Collision
Episode introduction: An all-expense-paid trip with your best friend has you bumping into a handsome man and finding yourselves stranded in the hotel room. What seems to be a weekend extravaganza has become an unconventional professional relationship. Will you be able to hold yourself from crossing the line?

🔥Moon Lust
Chapter introduction: Burdened by the lust that consumes you, you enter a dangerous world fraught with lies and betrayals. But when two impossibly handsome wolves are involved and determined to keep you safe, is the lust really that much of a burden? Who will you choose to keep you safe and warm?

🔥Forbidden Desire
Episode introduction: After being forced to move 500 miles away, you decided to have a fun night out in your new city. Imagine your surprise when you realized the man you’d spent that night with is your new boss AND step-dad’s half-brother!

New stories and chapters EVERY DAY! Download Scripts now and discover your unique romance! Your story choices are yours to decide!🍭🍭🍭

You can follow us by searching Scripts on the Discord to get the latest information.💖💖💖

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2) Extract it

3) Run the Main game EXE file inside the folder

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