Second Chance Daddy by Annie J. Rose (ePUB)

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Second Chance Daddy by Annie J. Rose (ePUB)

A face from my past could bring my secret to light,
A secret with his eyes and my stubborn streak.
I never would have agreed to the job if I’d have known he was the client.
Seeing Cody again, brought back so many emotions,
Anger, fear, guilt, lust, desire…
This could be a holiday for the record books.
I agree to decorate his big, empty mansion,
But only if we keep things strictly professional.
I should have known we’d never be able to forget what we once had,
Or that I’d run away without an explanation six years ago.

One night in bed and it all comes rushing back,
I know I have to tell him the truth.
Our daughter might finally get a daddy for Christmas,
And I might get a second chance with the love of my life.
I just hope Santa thinks I’ve been a good girl.

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