Secrets of the Pride ePUB by Philippa Lodge


Secrets of the Pride ePUB by Philippa Lodge
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Philippa Lodge
November 15, 2022
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Secrets of the Pride ePUB by Philippa Lodge

He’s lived here all his life…

DeAnthony is young, fun, strong, and getting stronger – an important thing for a lion shifter in a pride that’s on shaky ground since the defeat of the corrupt former alpha. He’s the cousin of the new alpha and supports her, but others in the pride aren’t as happy with the new regime.

A stranger comes to town…

Within weeks of the former alpha’s defeat, elementary teacher Robert Mulvaney and his four year-old daughter arrive in the small California town that’s the center of the Freiburg lion pride. DeAnthony’s immediately attracted to Robbie’s sweet blushes and quiet manner.

But someone is passing the pride’s secrets to an outsider who is sabotaging their rebuilding efforts. As De and Robbie’s relationship heats up, the sabotage becomes more dangerous and targeted. What if Robbie’s secret is that he’s giving the pride’s secrets to the saboteurs?

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