Seducing the Werewolf by Brigid Finn (ePUB)

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Seducing the Werewolf by Brigid Finn (ePUB)

There’s only one thing keeping Reese Wilson in town.

Three years ago, a new librarian moved into the area, and Reese may or may not have noticed.

A gorgeous, curvy young woman like that wouldn’t want anything to do with a guy like him anyway, which is for the best; Reese is far too busy tracking werewolf hunters to risk getting into a relationship with a human woman.

But when Reese is assigned a job doing electrical work at the library, he is forced to actually talk with her. She’s even more wonderful up close, and the fact that she’s unavailable to him becomes even more painful.

Lacey Kowalski has other ideas. Fresh off of a bad relationship, she knows what she wants.

Reese. Wilson.

And she’ll do whatever it takes to convince him that the only place he belongs is in her arms and between her thighs.

Seducing the Werewolf is the second book in the Wilson Werewolves series; each book features a separate couple, but reading this duology in order is recommended.

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