Seize the Castle ePUB by Elizabeth Dear


Seize the Castle ePUB by Elizabeth Dear
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Elizabeth Dear
December 9, 2022
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Seize the Castle ePUB by Elizabeth Dear

In Saint Gabriel City, there’s a war brewing.

The Four Families have ruled the City for generations, but they made a huge fucking mistake when they murdered my parents and didn’t manage to kill me too.

I’ve revealed my true identity, taking the City and Holywell Academy by storm, but the heads of Spencer, Hargraves, and Ferrero continue to underestimate me. They think I’m an annoying little gnat trying to play at being an Heir, and that will make it all the sweeter when I take everything from them.

But their sons—the boys who were my best friends for eleven years—they have different ideas about me than their parents do.

Zach wants me back—and maybe just plain wants me.

Noah longs for our friendship but feels hurt by my lies.

And Bennett—he’ll resist my attack on his legacy until the bitter end, but he’d still rather die than lose me again.

And me? I’m starting to think I need my boys back with me after all.

But they’ll have to choose—it’s me or the Families.

Because I came to burn it all down, and nothing is going to stand in my way.

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