Shadows of the Soul ePUB by Holly Oliver


Shadows of the Soul ePUB by Holly Oliver
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Holly Oliver
December 12, 2022
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Shadows of the Soul ePUB by Holly Oliver

If you have an aversion to or are sensitive to reading about sexual assault, it is referenced in the prologue – but if this bothers you, the story can be read from Chapter One.

Trigger warnings: this story contains mention and memories/flashbacks of childhood physical and emotional abuse, depicts gruesome crime scenes, and has some on-page scenes, which mention and reference rape and torture (though not between the MCs. All from the killer’s perspective). There is also some adult language and hot and heavy consensual MM sex between our two lovers.
This is essentially an MM shifters Fated Mates romance with a twist. Neither Darius nor Max particularly like working with a partner -for different reasons, I might add.

Max may not be keen to buddy up with the profiler, but he is loyal and understands the weight this case carries. As soon as he lays eyes on the stunning man, his wolf goes belly up with lust, and the pining begins.

Darius, on the other hand, whose been trying to contain his leopard to the shadows of his mind, is nothing if not confused, but oddly curious about the man.

Join these men as they hunt for a despicable sadistic serial killer, while Darius unravels the traumas of his past.

Can Darius learn to trust his leopard, himself, and Max?

Can Max stay loyal and patient after being pushed away?

And can they catch the nefarious forgiven killer, before he escalates again?

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