Shadow’s Ruin ePUB by Lizzy Prince


Shadow's Ruin ePUB by Lizzy Prince
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Lizzy Prince
December 4, 2022
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Shadow’s Ruin ePUB by Lizzy Prince

He tried to break me, but I healed stronger.

Wolves are blessed with a fated mate, but in my case, he only caused suffering. Ronan Campbell, my perfect match, rejected me in front of our entire pack. Beaten, heartbroken, I ran, escaping the only home I’d ever known.

Pack Shadow Falls took me in, helped me heal, and built me up stronger than ever. I shoved Ronan into the darkest depths of my memory. Never to be thought of again. Until my old pack reared its ugly head.

The Alphas of the Midwest have been called to a summit. A gathering organized by my father, the Alpha of my old pack. Which is how I end up stuck at Blackthorn Lodge for a week with the man who rejected me.

My father is playing it off like it’s a big social event, where different packs can get to know each other. But there’s something rotten about the whole situation. I need to find out what he’s up to and avoid my mate in the process.

Let’s hope I’m still breathing by the end of the week. Because there’s a very good chance I won’t make it out of Blackthorn Lodge unscathed.

Shadow’s Ruin is the fifth book in the Shadow Falls series, but it can be read as a standalone. Fans of rejected mates stories, second chance romances, and fated mates will love this latest book from Lizzy Prince.

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