Shallinee’s Sorrow by Shelles Boyes (Epub)

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Shallinee’s Sorrow by Shelles Boyes (Epub)

Bronx is the last of the original humans Queen Shaylah brought to Shallinee from earth to remain single. For two years he has watched friend after friend meet, fall in love and mate with warriors from the Queen’s guard. Waiting impatiently for his own sexy warrior to claim him.

Neo isn’t gay, he isn’t attracted to men or at least that’s what he always believed. Unfortunately he claims mating rights to a male when the Queen brought home the humans. For two years he struggles with his own homophobic beliefs and his overwhelming attraction.

One night of passion leads to a disastrous morning after. Heartbroken Bronx returns to earth to lick his wounds while helping a friend in need. While Neo is forced to face the trauma of his past or risk losing mating rights to Bronx.

Sadly, illness befalls them both. While the cause of Bronx illness is easily determined, Neo’s is much more elusive.

Will a cure be found before it’s too late? What will it take for these two men to resolve their differences and get their happily ever after?

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