Shattered Hope by Piper Sinclair (ePUB)

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Shattered Hope by Piper Sinclair (ePUB)

Evil incarnate has a name. It’s Alek Goncharov.

He shattered Gabriella’s dreams, her life, her body.
But he never broke her.

Now she’s on the run.
Without money, a job, or connections.
But she has a plan… if she can outrun Alek.

Fate leaves Gabriella stranded and beholding to Ronan Greystone,
A man who has a way of getting what he wants.
And he wants Gabriella.

But Gabriella doesn’t want him.
Not really.
Okay, maybe a bit.
But that’s just her weary body in need of rest, right?
And a gentle touch.
And someone to believe in.

But what she wants doesn’t matter.
She won’t put Ronan or his family at risk.

She has to leave.
Before she becomes too comfortable.
Before Ronan asks too many questions.

Before Alek catches her…

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