Sheltered Free ePUB by M. Sinclair

Sheltered Free ePUB by M. Sinclair
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October 23, 2022
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Sheltered Free ePUB by M. Sinclair

How do you put a price on your life?

After laying witness to the cold-blooded murder of my entire family, I did what any rational person would do… I ran.

Our name, power, and vast wealth meant nothing now. I was on the run, filled with the fear of always looking over my shoulder, wondering when they would come to collect my life.

The luxury of refusing any form of help was ripped away by the reality that I was facing a danger I couldn’t handle alone. It was that fear that led me to them.

The men of Gilded Graves.

It forced me to swallow my pride to face them… Despite knowing that if they offered me protection, it wouldn’t be free of cost.
I just didn’t know that cost would be me.

Sheltered is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. Their Possession series contains four books in total – Sheltered being the first.