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Julie Thorn
August 13, 2022
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One look was all it took.
Now I’m obsessed with her.
When she smiles, I swear it’s like fireworks go off in my brain.
My angel…how did I ever exist without you?
Ever since we met, I’ve done everything I can to insinuate myself into her life.
But that wasn’t enough for me.
I needed more contact with her.
And so, unbeknownst to her, I’ve been living in the crawl space in her attic.
She doesn’t know that I watch over her.
She doesn’t know that if something were to happen to her, I would rip my heart out.
Maybe they’re right, maybe I am sick in the head.
But some things you just can’t control.
How long can I continue to hide in her attic?
…Not long.

*WARNING: This is an over-the-top book with explicit sex scenes, adult themes and adult language.

*Also, please note: This is a satirical romance in which the author uses humor or exaggeration to shed light and criticism on human nature. Satire is a literary device and in accordance with it the writing is over-the-top on purpose. Embedded in this satirical book is situational irony and dramatic irony. Enjoy! 😉

*One more thing to note:Just in case you’re wondering, this book has nothing to do with hockey. The hero’s name is Puck, but this is not a sports romance 🙂

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