Sins Of A Dragon Free ePUB by Avery Song

Sins Of A Dragon Free ePUB by Avery Song
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October 23, 2022
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Sins Of A Dragon Free ePUB by Avery Song

“Death is but an invitation into our world. Embrace the sins of your father, Ríona.”

Bound by poverty, I’m but an offering to the gods worshipped by the Frehja.
Left astray at the hands of my greed-filled father, I’m a sacrificial pawn to the Ghryadiel, leaving me with one choice: death.

A fickle of hope lies in my desperate desire to rebel against fate.
I don’t run from my demise like the gods expect.
I embrace it.

Four Ghryadiel Dragons band together to kidnap me from the brink of plunging catastrophe.
An act of rebellion against their forefathers.

Little do I know, our psychotic tendencies are what bonds us as my act of defiance lays the mark of sin upon my clammy flesh.

Salvaged from the pits of tainted oblivion, I’m reborn into a world of monsters, but behind the chaos, betrayal, and theme of extinction lies a world full of wonder as my resurrection awakens something no one could ever predict.

A dragon royal out of wedlock.

Will the sins of my father invite me to embrace my destiny?

As for my dragon kidnappers…
They’re coming to realize that I’m just as cunning as they are. 

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