Snowed in with Mr Grump by Lea Vaughn (ePUB)

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Snowed in with Mr Grump by Lea Vaughn (ePUB)

The first time I met him, he was a beautiful stranger helping me drown my sorrows.
The second time I met him, he was my new boss… and I wanted to quit.

He must be the sexiest, grumpiest bosshole on the planet.

But I love my new job, so I get to work finding creative ways to avoid him.

Until the snowstorm of the century traps us inside.

I anticipate his wrath.

But as secrets are revealed and assumptions decoded, the protector in him comes to life.

My senses are heightened and I’m on full alert.

Every touch of his skin and brush of his hand has my internal power board surging.

It might be as cold as the Arctic outside, but in here it’s heating up like wildfire.

I just hope the heat is enough to melt his ice-cold heart… or I’m going to get burnt.

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