Songs of Vice by Nicole Bailey (ePUB)

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Songs of Vice by Nicole Bailey (ePUB)

A siren with death in her song
A con artist with dark magic at his fingers
And a heist only they can pull off…
… if they don’t betray each other first.

Lira has until the blood moon to escape her mother’s cruel siren troupe.

Attempting to flee, she gets mixed up with a handsome stranger set on a dangerous mission to reclaim stolen magic.

A heist that pays enough gold to disappear with.

As their group of magical misfits tumbles through unexpected obstacles, Lira is pushed deeper into a mystical world she wants no part of. A realm filled with wrathful fairy courts and dangerous creatures. But when attraction builds and twists are unveiled, Lira isn’t sure where she belongs anymore.

This fast-paced, multiple POV, New Adult fantasy is full of twists and turns, romance, and found family set in a fantastical world teeming with dark magic.

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