Soul Marked Free ePUB by Lissa Bolts


Soul Marked Free ePUB by Lissa Bolts
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Lissa Bolts
October 25, 2022
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Soul Marked Free ePUB by Lissa Bolts

Oh, hey. Nora here.

Just over here trying to process everything I’ve learned lately—the least of it being that magic is real, and I’m the last in a long line of practically extinct jinn.

Me? Magic? What?

You might be wondering why all of that isn’t taking center stage in my currently mind-blown state. Well… I’ve got bigger problems.

Namely, I trusted the wrong person.

We’ve all been there, right? But of course, when I do it, I wake up not knowing where I am or how I got there. To top it off, something isn’t quite right with me. I’m off. But maybe that’s just what happens when your heart is splintered into a million tiny pieces.

Whatever the case, I’m done with all the half-truths and secrets. It’s time for me to figure out why everyone seems to know more about me than I do. Why the entire magical world is watching every move I make with bated breath.

But most of all, I’m going to find out why he did this to me. And then I might just make him pay with the one thing that’s ripe for my taking…

His soul.

This is the second book in the all-new urban fantasy series: Stones & Curses. If you like fierce heroines with hearts of gold, edge-of-your-seat adventure, a touch of swoony romance, and enough mind-blowing treachery to leave you wondering what in the world just happened, this is the series for you.